Trauma and Developmental Wounding in Childhood

Trauma is an extreme sort of stress that can result from exposure to life-threatening events. It increases stress hormones and causes muscular tension. It can result in chronic states of overwhelm, hyper-vigilance, or numbness and other post-traumatic stress reactions.

Experiences of childhood abuse, abandonment or neglect can produce similar responses, as well as difficulties with shame, self-esteem, relationships, regulating emotions, and physical health. This can occur even if the events were not life-threatening.

Trauma memories are stored in the body and parts of the brain that are less verbal or linear. It can be helpful to address symptoms of trauma by using methodologies beyond talk therapy alone. For this reason, working with body awareness, symbolic expression, and other methods can be helpful for healing. I use a somatic body centered approach to psychotherapy,  and EMDR rooted in mindfulness to work with trauma and childhood wounding with adults and adolescents.

Psychotherapy Services

I provide services for adults and adolescents. My clients are very diverse in terms of age, gender, sexual orientation and expression,  lifestyle, social and cultural background, family configurations, and goals in therapy.

Sessions are 50 minutes in length and typically occur once per week.